The sun has come full circle

Another four hundred years have passed. We are about to enter a new era of peace. War isn’t necessary. War means we prolonged the suffering of many people. People shouldn’t suffer. People that want to live have the right to live. People that want to die have the right to die.

Dying is scary. The Incas didn’t sacrifice humans. Wrapped bodies aren’t mummies. People that choose to die are scared. Wrap them tightly and they feel safe. People need to be safe. Before we allow people to die, we wrap them. We say our goodbyes.

Leave them in their cocoon. A tiny bit of light in the dark. If they want to get out, they get out. If they want to stay put, they stay put. In a couple of days, they pass. If they want to live, they come out of their cocoon.

The sitting wrap is simple. One end in the hand. Wrap. The other end you sit on. Wiggle and you’re free.

You can also do this with babies. Tight enough to be safe. Loose enough to allow them to breathe. Cry means “Let me out.” Get out and live. Stay in and pass on.

Books of law are thick. They have long rules. People that get it don’t need it. People that don’t stick to it don’t get it. We try to keep them happy. We keep people warm and safe. This isn’t always enough. These people themselves say they choose to die.

The people have suffered and endured too long. We are moving on.

Four hundred years. We got peace in one country. Four hundred years. We got peace on a continent. Four hundred years. We got peace on a larger continent. Four hundred years. Now we live everywhere. Now we reach everyone everywhere. We get world peace.

We move on. We go on to peace. We allow people to move on. We will treasure everyone in our hearts. In our hearts, it’s warm and safe. In our hearts, everyone is healthy. In our hearts, everyone is happy. In our hearts, no one is scared. That’s the nature of those that want to live. We live. We love. We can’t hate. When we know you, we understand.

Guilt doesn’t exist. Guilt presumes intent. People that break the law have no intent to do so. They have the intent for us to kill them. They want to die.

They live by the laws of nature. Society doesn’t have the laws of nature. They find out it doesn’t work. They are always sorry. They don’t get it. We didn’t get it. They can’t learn. We must.

Society needs to give them a way out. Society needs to show you don’t need the laws of nature. We live. We forgive. We love. We allow them to move on. We move on. We love those that have passed. It’s okay.

To those that refuse to accept this: I’m not a cannibal. Go into nature naked and attack a pack of wolves or lions. If you believe that it’s all in the game, that means you are game. You are food for other breeds of animals, not me.

It’s my job to love you. I can let you go, but I need to organize it, and you need to just ask.

When I’m dead, I should also be fed to the animals. Turn me into a stew, literally. Quid pro quo. Nice and simple. Those that live long live long. Those that die die. It should be of your own choosing.

About me

The Supreme Court of the Netherlands wrote to me as Emile Michel Hobo van Oranje. That letter has as a reference UIT-G/2023/4589.

I’m genetically identical to King Richard I of England, William Wallace, the first William II of Orange, Isaac Newton, William Gylbert, and William Shakespeare. I protect the humanities. This includes relieving people of their suffering. It also includes the arts.

I live for the people. I serve nature, nature doesn’t serve me. My garden is for the animals.

My photograph is called, “The King Waves Goodbye.” It’s a study for a portrait painting. I have to say goodbye. Those that want to die are allowed to die. I’m sorry for your suffering. I can’t bear your pain. I am deeply truly sorry.