When I was a kid, because the one thing I did have was paper and a pencil, I wanted to become a comic book artist. I practiced. I got drawing lessons in high school and got a few pointers. I didn’t get a formal education, but I study and I keep studying.

My favorite type of drawing remains the gritty kind of underground art. Many will agree with me that very few types of drawing can beat the line of a raw pencil or when you draw it with a pen in one go, the sketchy feel of any kind of pen for that matter.

I will put up a display of some of my work in time. It establishes that I can do the job, but I through mistakes have also had to learn that I can also suck at it. When I’m met by people with a lack of motivation, I’ve had to learn not to want to work with them.

For now I’m going to offer a display of work that has nothing to do with pencil drawings. I was very proud to complete the book cover design that I came up with myself, for my book 9•2•5, written as Æmilius, a suspenseful thriller. I completely reedited it, updated it, and fixed a glaring mistake that I found, but that you won’t find in the second edition anymore.

I had also previously designed a couple of other book covers, but with those I relied more heavily on recombining creative programs that I had, rather than making an actual drawing like I did with the last cover.

I made use of creative solutions with previous covers, by designing symbols in font design software and running those through font processors for instance. I obviously also relied on photography and image processing.

My books aren’t all currently available due to differences with Kindle Direct Publishing and me as such changing self-publishing services. I am working on second editions for all of my books, which will include updated cover designs and formatting.

KDP got me a bit on edge, so I may have responded a bit prematurely when I received my proof copy. I just fixed the book cover design so the printer can’t get it wrong anymore, hopefully. I added a lot of noise to the coloring so the printer algorithms can’t get it wrong. I also upgraded the design a bit further.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my book cover designs as I designed them and you can download them here.