Okay, so what aren’t I into? Sculpting! I’m not a sculptor, because I’m not that precise and it’s the kind of art that doesn’t allow for mistakes. I thrive on mistakes and prefer to turn them into something a bit more positive.

I typically focus on writing, drawing, a little font design, filming, and fencing. Sometimes also music: drumming and bluesharp. Is it important to learn about different types of art? Yes! They all borrow from one another and you never know what will land.

The two key principles I focus on are rhythm and counterpoint. Put the two together and you have yourself irony.

Irony is important, especially to make people think. They tend to go: “You don’t know what you’re saying!” I do, but I need you to think about what’s going on. I seek to inspire and entertain.

The three core principles I mean to include in every moment of what I do are feeling, conflict, and suspense, with varying measures of emphasis.

I add structure on all three levels: atomic (simple actions), local (compound actions a.k.a. sequences), and global (connecting sequences).