I worked with Literary & Screenplay Consultants from about 2005 to 2010 to learn how to write proper screenplays. One of thirty-five employees did a great job, but I suffered brain damage. When you check Politics - Legal issues, you’ll find the reason why: forced “medication” without any sign of illness. I’m constantly working on recuperating, but essentially, years of life and opportunity went down the drain.

In total, before 2011, I wrote between thirty-five and forty screenplays. They were in a lot of ways uncreative, because I wasn’t pointed to the proper creative writing exercises and stuck to Hollywood-creativity killing rules. I think the proper directions were removed from the analyses that I got, because I always dealt with the same person, but he asked the wrong questions or no questions at all. He didn’t really get it and just threw in one difficult word to throw me off-track, essentially to establish his authority, which as it turns out is suspect behavior.

I sent one of my newer screenplays that I wrote after I suffered the brain damage to Literary & Screenplay Consultants and one of thirty-five employees did help me reconsider my writing. I needed it, because I understood my writing had become terrible once again. Thanks to the reviewer I at least understood what it means to do a great job again.

I’ve also written two fictional books and a poetry bundle, self-published. I have since the first two books also learned creative writing, which doesn’t mean they weren’t creative in their own way. I write to inspire and entertain, so I also illustrated in a short article how creative writing works or what you need to learn. I hope you learn from my work or simply enjoy it.

I kept and keep practicing also, among other things metaphor exercises, which you can use visually in screenplays or as a shorter way of evoking a visual image: “Mist thick as pea soup.”

So, you also want to be a writer? Most books on writing are horse shit and come recommended by people that don’t want to write, like producers. Shy away from those books. In hindsight there are really only few books that stand out thus much that I’d recommend them as books you have to read. Check the titles in the list of recommended literature.

When you read these books, you do need to learn to recognize what questions lead to the proper answer. One question that in practice doesn’t work is, “What’s your character’s need?” What does work is, “What does your character want and how does this conflict with what your character needs?”

For instance, my main character of ROOSTER (my first feature screenplay) wants to get back into and make it with Rock’n’Roll, but when he steps into the spotlight again, thanks to one of his bandmates, he’s confronted with an outstanding debt with a drug dealer, even though he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the drugs anymore.

I’m switching publishers after previously publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing, because Amazon actively attacked my products to lower sales. They repeatedly messed up my formatting, and of my books and of my product details.

They actually proceeded to lower the price of one of my books to not only lower than what I’m allowed to ask, but even lower than the royalties that I would receive when they actually sell a copy. This was a clear breach of contract.

They also hid my product from their search engine, when you don’t select “Books,” but instead query their entire database. It would only produce a limited result and my book wouldn’t be one of the results, even when it was an exact match.

I’m just tired of this shit. I’m in the process of republishing at a more expensive but consistently high quality publisher that will allow my work to shine.

In republishing, now I managed to take care of my brain damage sufficiently, I will edit everything once more, and every second unabridged and in case of theory books possibly expanded edition will also receive a whole new cover and formatting.

I can deliver reaching the quality of a proper bard, so I will. Only the best, not for me, but for you.