I’m lucky enough to live in an era where all people realize that it really is cheaper to get your own shit than to make use of someone else’s production facilities. Either it’s the day and age or the fact that I checked the catalogue. Mmm...

With my videos I focus on art and science, meaning that I work to inspire and entertain. Think physics, psychology, sociology, comedy, drama, and more. Some of my videos will be sketches, others instructional how to videos.

The main challenge I face: how do I make matters simple, as in easy to understand. The answer usually is figuring out the underlying mechanisms and motivations. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

I’m currently revamping my channel and I have deleted the old content, largely because you could tell the damage done to my brain and physique and I couldn’t think in multiple intentions sufficiently to make the videos appealing to watch also when presenting un-appealing subject matter, like how people manipulate and how you prevent it.

Once I have new videos, you can find my work on my YouTube-channel.