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Updated Politics - Murphy : To what degree are you conscious?

When you think about it, there’s actually a really basic measure…

In the end, consciousness is about understanding what life is about. It grants you feeling and based on how much you feel, this translates to a pretty straightforward measure that is easily observed and interpreted : a sliding scale that some creatures based on whether they are hungry or not even slide further away on or closer to consciousness.

Will people lie, when you ask them? Sure… No research is resolved by just one question, but one question is sufficient reason for properly corroborated scientific discourse. Ask yourself, what is life about? And compare it to the sliding scale. To see where other people are at, just check how they do or don’t take you seriously. Do they manipulate the facts, ignore them? And how does this relate to the scale?

Published in Murphy on 28/10/2019 09:44 am.

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