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Updated Sophism - Sociology : Added article “On the Merit of Gun Control”

We don’t have sufficient police to handle everything?

We do have a right to safety right? Considering the number of criminals that get away with it, during recent years the capture rate of registered offenses often only being ±25%, with the number of registered offenses already never having been higher than 37%, meaning that criminals just keep on doing it? Shouldn’t some people be allowed to carry guns? And what kind of people are we talking about?

When you’re able to apprehend criminals placing them under citizen-arrest, this allows for the police to focus on securing the evidence and providing backup when citizens manage to corner whoever dunnit. That means less “Who dunnit?” and more “No more dunnin!” That does also mean that those that shouldn’t carry firearms don’t get to do any more gunnin’.

Published in Updates on 10/12/2018 12:00 pm.

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