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Updated Art - Music : Removed “Blango”

So I didn’t know how to mix…

I started to correct things in ways you shouldn’t like shifting the drums out of sync a little when I overloaded the mains, which I shouldn’t do. I keep fixing and turning it back.

I was now better able to hear how much my guitar was out of tune and sometimes late while recording my solo. Other than that, I don’t like the repetitive nature of the backing track, so I’m going to do for this experiment also what I had thought up of doing for regular tracks : first with the loops in place record one track that’s a bit more liberal, than free up all of the other tracks.

That’s correct, I wrote “than” which can also mean “without delay,” which in no way is archaic as in is in full use, but I prefer swing… Ring-a-dinge-ding-ding.

Published in Music on 09/01/2020 11:34 am.

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