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Updated Politics - Murphy : Everything is okay when you just bark and do as they say?

No, I’m not going to forget about the democratically elected rule of law…

I’m not allowed to do the job I’m good at, but I’m supposed to do as my high school dropout mom and uncertified or self-certified (such was the 60s and 70s Dutch culture) father tell me to. I’m also not allowed to report rape, attempts at manslaughter, and more… Why?

Because the people that were supposed to run our system themselves have largely been domesticated, follow orders strictly even though they are in direct opposition of the democratically elected laws, and don’t have the kind of education you really need.

I say, long live freedom and long live democratically elected laws! Democratically elected laws don’t tell you what to do, they allow people in general to be. If you don’t want me to call you a fucking dog, stop acting like one and live a human and humane life.

Published in Murphy on 08/01/2020 01:10 pm.

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