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Updated Art - Music : Uploaded version 20198853 of “Blango”

Until I have monitors this is basically it…

My journey from absolute shit to what we in Dutch call aardig liedje has come to a temporary end by reaching that exact same point.

[Edits : Blah. Removed the piano. Don’t add any effects. Only use reverb for dramatic effect. Simple.]

To mix it better I need monitors. Headphones don’t really cut it, because the experience of sound integration and separation is just different. My laptop speakers don’t show the proper transgression of frequencies cutting into the low-end too much, also eliminating some of the low end for instance in my voice, making it shrill and shallow.

Anyway, for now this is the best I can do, but the singing is more dynamic, I’ve added color in the higher ranges with my mouth harp adding a bit more texture, and made sure that the mix was a bit more atmospheric with stereo enhancement filters, which turn out to be pretty neat.

Or maybe I just need to get shit like a vocal booth. I could make one myself using plywood. Mmm…

Published in Music on 17/01/2020 03:26 am.

Updated Art - Music : Removed “Blango”

So I didn’t know how to mix…

I started to correct things in ways you shouldn’t like shifting the drums out of sync a little when I overloaded the mains, which I shouldn’t do. I keep fixing and turning it back.

I was now better able to hear how much my guitar was out of tune and sometimes late while recording my solo. Other than that, I don’t like the repetitive nature of the backing track, so I’m going to do for this experiment also what I had thought up of doing for regular tracks : first with the loops in place record one track that’s a bit more liberal, than free up all of the other tracks.

That’s correct, I wrote “than” which can also mean “without delay,” which in no way is archaic as in is in full use, but I prefer swing… Ring-a-dinge-ding-ding.

Published in Music on 09/01/2020 11:34 am.

Updated Art - Music : Pressed the rhythm section forward and EQ’d master “Blango”

I had no choice! I’m sorry! I had to fight digital with digital!

The virtual guitar amp just introduced so much low end that I had to take it out of the mix with the EQ and introduce a bit more emphasis on the high end. I didn’t have a choice. You have to make sure the sound sounds good going in and with my limited options I couldn’t do that. I’ll be running for myself for the rest of my life now. Bye…

Published in Music on 07/01/2020 04:21 pm.

Updated Art - Music : Added plate reverb to guitar for “Blango”

And took the volume of the vocals down and made the panning more dynamic…

That’s what you get for working with digital amps and no pedals : you don’t know what your sound is. Also added room acoustics…

Mixing is really basic, but minor changes do have major implications… It’s insane. I hope I’m done with it.

Published in Music on 05/01/2020 11:40 am.

Updated Art - Music : Changed the digital guitar amp for “Blango”

This is why you need to be able to get a good sound going into the recording…

It didn’t sound anything like what I would like it to be and also wasn’t a realistic guitar amp. It wasn’t the kind of amp that I would like to have and oversaturated the low end.

I’m sick and tired of this absolutely average song that I wrote and recorded, but to even get it to sound reasonably good, which is the most you can get out of an average song, I have to put way too much time in due to me making use of certain digital alternatives.

Get a good amp that satisfies your senses and record that. And don’t let some idiot guitar store owner swindle you into buying a solid state amp, even though tube amp really is the only way to go. And let this be clear : I asked for a tube-amp straight away and had the budget.

All solid state amps should be outlawed to make sure I’m not tempted to use a digital tube amp. All guitar store owners that don’t care about their customers and only care about their swindle should be excommunicated from the store owning community.

Angry, angry, angry… Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Angrier because my updates page wouldn’t allow me to just hold down the R-key to get the many Rs.

Published in Music on 01/01/2020 06:55 pm.

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