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Updated Politics - Murphy : Fascism requires a sufficiently large domesticated minority

Conform to the pack or be your own man or woman?

Think for yourself and make sure you do have an integrated view of reality, please.

Published in Murphy on 10/01/2020 04:09 pm.

Updated Politics - Murphy : Everything is okay when you just bark and do as they say?

No, I’m not going to forget about the democratically elected rule of law…

I’m not allowed to do the job I’m good at, but I’m supposed to do as my high school dropout mom and uncertified or self-certified (such was the 60s and 70s Dutch culture) father tell me to. I’m also not allowed to report rape, attempts at manslaughter, and more… Why?

Because the people that were supposed to run our system themselves have largely been domesticated, follow orders strictly even though they are in direct opposition of the democratically elected laws, and don’t have the kind of education you really need.

I say, long live freedom and long live democratically elected laws! Democratically elected laws don’t tell you what to do, they allow people in general to be. If you don’t want me to call you a fucking dog, stop acting like one and live a human and humane life.

Published in Murphy on 08/01/2020 01:10 pm.

Updated Politics - Murphy : Nothing’s wrong here!

If you’re not allowed to discriminate, then do it anyway? Ahum!

I was watching “Don’t f**k with cats” on Netflix about an Internet killer and one of the victims as it turned out had gone to Canada, because Canada was said to be safe a.k.a. liberal when it comes to homosexuality. This reminded me of reading about a serial killer in Canada getting away with it for a long time, even though the gay community repeatedly notified the police gays were going missing. Yet, the police assumed or rather imposed nothing was wrong, because it’s the gay community.

As such, as liberal as Canada feints to be, it really isn’t, which reminded me of the USA and its 1800s Chinese Exclusion Act and its sequel, which only came to an end during the 1960s (1965 to my recollection). First all of them are a problem, but if you’re not allowed to say that, none of them are?

Let’s just say that nowadays the United States of America only register 50% of all criminal charges when you do the math, although during the early 1960s, next to doing the worst of the worst by enforcing concentration camps for Asians, they did register 100%. Maybe, just maybe, we need to clean up all law enforcement globally, making sure they all have proper degrees and a zero score on the psychopathy checklist. Maybe, just maybe, we need to do that for every socially responsible position. Not maybe, really, we just should…

Published in Murphy on 18/12/2019 09:36 pm.

Updated Politics - Murphy : That bastard Newton, again?

Science equals politics, that’s why fascist governments don’t recognize it : it’s what you have to do…

I bow to that motherfucker. That’s all I have to say on him… And what it says in the updated info on my page… For now, anyway.

Published in Murphy on 10/12/2019 10:42 pm.

Updated Politics - Murphy : “Uh… I don’t see it!” and “Show me the money!”

You have to catch them in the act as a police officer? And the public network unions don’t adhere to our laws?

You have to research everything, but if you believe nothing exists outside of your direct perception, nothing’s there, right? And as soon as I’m gone, I’m also not longer in existence? No, you’re not crazy, nuh-uh, I’m crazy, until you don’t see me anymore and I cease to exist? Whuuut? Or you’re just messing with me? Well, that isn’t exactly legal…

And then there’s the selling drugs, booze, and hookers on national television, that isn’t legal either, is it? If it isn’t, then you don’t satisfy the criteria of a public network union, meaning that you need to pay back everything you feel you deserved to make, being the made man or woman you are. You’re all made men and made women? I say you’ve been had…

Anyway, if you made it, it’s like, what did you make then? Show it to me. I want to see it, touch it, feel it, smell it, taste it…

Published in Murphy on 10/12/2019 01:36 pm.

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