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Updated Politics - Murphy : We only have failures in charge

… and it’s killing us!

If you’re not willing to defend what you stand for, if you are unable to, if you constantly send others to do your dirty work with failing campaigns that end up killing them all, letting murderers get away with murder, rapists with rape, child molesters with child molestation, drug dealers with dealing drugs, arms dealers with dealing arms : get out of government, get out of the police, get out of the army, get out of the courts, get out of healthcare. If you don’t stand what you stand for, get the hell out.

Published in Updates on 30/07/2019 05:16 pm.

Updated Politics - Party program : Should we outlaw international conflict mediation?

Take the Maffia out of the government!

Subversives put people, peoples, and countries up against each other, but are always the minority. Considering we don’t have to fight over food, if we outlaw international warfare and assume international laws that problems should be handled on a national level, the fact that the majority of all people are good might actually lead to a permanent international ceasefire.

If we focus on fighting crime, sharing information internationally, but letting country’s own peoples handle problems on a national level, outlawing international interference, this might actually lead to warfare being prevented. We should research the feasibility of this point of view, of only allowing countries to defend themselves on their own national soil, to see whether it might prevent future warfare and radicalism on international scales.

I have a soft little voice in my head that the people of Afghanistan have said that if they were allowed to handle their conflicts without international interference that the problem would have been handled a long time ago. Regardless of whether I do or don’t remember this correctly, this little voice may be right.

Published in Updates on 11/07/2019 11:31 am.

Updated Art - Music : Added article “The Massage — A Quick Note on Piano Technique”

Physics, anyone?

Just be gentle, all right. We’re sensitive. Unless you want to wake us up.

Published in Updates on 30/06/2019 01:35 pm.

Updated Art - Music : Added tone-color fun

Perfect pitch? No, I don’t have it… Yet.

It’s most definitely doable, but it’s going to take time and practice, focus and relaxation, overcoming maximum resistance with minimal effort. Parkour for the ear. I think I’m going to enjoy this. Great thing I have a piano now. What would your interpretation of the colors and underlying sound-qualities be?

Published in Updates on 30/06/2019 12:37 pm.

Updated Politics - Murphy : Added two Q&A’s

Older, wiser, or decrepit?

Let’s just say I’m a little tired of the encouraged juvenile narcissism and the resulting behavior in the Netherlands where people haven’t learned to grow up and feel I’m revolting but taking it too far, supposedly only going through puberty in my thirties like they did before. They just keep projecting who they are onto you their entire lives and they should’ve unlearned to do that while growing up.

By law I have to press charges since I’m a witness to two times attempted manslaughter, one time rape, and more.

Yet these people haven’t unlearned their narcissistic ways and project their own law-breaking rebellious behavior onto me, believing they’ll catch people like themselves, because they know how they think. Guess what, I know how you think, because I think, reason, and feel, because I have empathy, which is everything you have not. You don’t know how people think and only project.

That’s how crooks and criminals get away with it. You aren’t smart, you are dumb. That’s how they get away with it. Smart people catch all of these suckers, because these suckers may feel they hide it properly, but in practice they show everything in plain sight. They even brag about it, feeling that the law doesn’t apply to them. All you have to do is pick them up.

Have you ever considered why a country that’s liberal, where people are free, needs to put the fact that it’s liberal in a brochure and throw you in jail yelling it in your face, just to make sure that you get that it … isn’t?

Published in Updates on 27/06/2019 08:29 pm.

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