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Updated Art - Music : “Blango”

More timing mistakes?

I’m sorry, I was learning to mix and master and edited in the wrong way, as in edited, and now I’m constantly going back to it to correct my bad edits? Anyways. Shifted the guitar track in its entirety back in sync.

Published in Music on 26/05/2020 12:14 pm.

Updated Politics – Party Program : Anti-domestication, anti-inbreeding, and more

We don’t want to be subdued, so let’s make sure we are thinking human beings…

I added anti-domestication and anti-inbreeding suggestions for laws, like not being allowed to have children unless you’re at least ten generations apart.

I also want to make sure that people don’t get kicked out of their houses and believe liberal housing for rent shouldn’t be an option. You either buy it or get social housing for free. Hotels and such provide services and are meant for leisure, not for living. This needs to be judged on a case by case basis.

I removed a non-essential idea on building a city wall around The Hague.

I added slightly more structure, by splitting up the first section into two.

Published in Politics on 17/05/2020 04:31 pm.

Updated Art – Music : “Blango”

It never ends?

I removed all of the dynamic panning, because everything needs to be audible at all times.

I now have reverb on the FX Send with EQ added to it to prevent interference with the original track. Before the reverb I also added subtle stereo delay. At first I just added it on the insert post-signal chain of the track it was added to, but I moved it to the FX Send also, meaning that the EQ to prevent interference is also added to the stereo delay, which sounds really nice.

Subtle interference does hurt your ears, but you don’t always get where it’s coming from. Now it’s gone. Hurrah!

Published in Music on 25/04/2020 11:40 am.

Updated Art – Music : “Blango”

Vintage compression is the bomb!

On the one hand I don’t really like that something can improve my mix, but the fact that Cubase Elements 10.5, which I recently upgraded to, not only comes with a superior reverb plugin, but also vintage compressions a.k.a. tape compression, turns out to be a supreme investment.

I put it to use, after I already reintroduced the Cajon, minding the volume levels a bit more, and added high-pass filters (HPFs) everywhere on the lowest frequencies the instruments actually produce (for the guitar that would be a low-E).

When you record, you record at a low volume to eliminate electrostatic noise produced by the recording equipment. When you then normalize, what you’ll find is that from 0 Hz to the lowest frequency your instrument produces, the recording gear now generates some amount of flat bass response, that becomes clearly audible in your mix, even though it wasn’t there before.

The HPF eliminates this.

Add the vintage compressor and now you (or I actually) have a professional grade mix with everything else that I did. Now I’m only limited by my creativity and no longer by my recording options. Think of the song what you will, but the updated master now sounds like a PRO recording.

Cubase Elements 10.5 also comes with a premium dithering plugin. Although I didn’t like the idea of using it, I did end up using it. It adds a bit of silk to the sound, making it a bit more natural. Bits and bytes and all that can make music sound a bit too clinical. This fixes it.

Published in Music on 05/04/2020 07:54 pm.

Updated Art – Music : “Blango”

Removed the Cajon and corrected previous miscorrections…

Tango-related music doesn’t really have a drums rhythm section. It may add flourishes through drum rolls and so forth, but the music largely already contains the rhythm. I also corrected a couple of previous miscorrections that I introduced to avoid overloading of the output in the wrong way, which introduced timing mistakes at first not played but edited in by me, that caused me later on to play somewhat out of phase here and there. That’s what you get when you tweak a track for months, I guess… Anyway, re-uploaded it (also with softer reverb). The guitar, bass, and mouth harp tracks I previously re-amped with my Laney IRT Pulse…

Published in Music on 03/03/2020 11:19 pm.

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