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Updated Art - Music : “Blango”

Full sound, proper mix…

I didn’t know what to expect or really what I was recording when I first set out to record this little piece. It isn’t the greatest song out there, but it taught me a lot about recording, mixing, and mastering. Shit like, don’t use the equalizer and don’t use digital amps. I did use EQ to mimic an amp a little bit, but it simply isn’t the way to go.

Essentially it proved to me that you need to shy away as much as possible from all of the options software provides and you really need to make sure that the sound is good going in, so you need to hook up an amp to your recording desk, directly or by micing a cab. It’s sort of like what I already felt, but it’s easy to be seduced to use all of that shit when your recording circumstances are poor.

Anyway, I learned enough to write a book about it, which I’m editing now, and it’s different from most books that teach to use the EQ on voices and limiters on tracks and so forth and so forth… It’s also pretty thin.

Did I mention I got myself a bass guitar?

If you want to record, mix, and master : learn to listen…

Oh yeah, and my webdesign software suffered a bit of a failure due to a software crash, probably because I disregarded warnings of me including files that were too large, that I should have linked to through adding an external directory instead, so I’m probably going to have to copy and paste everything and start the website all over, but it won’t look that much different.

Published in Music on 02/02/2020 12:14 pm.

Updated Politics - Murphy : Fascism requires a sufficiently large domesticated minority

Conform to the pack or be your own man or woman?

Think for yourself and make sure you do have an integrated view of reality, please.

Published in Murphy on 10/01/2020 04:09 pm.

Updated Politics - Murphy : Everything is okay when you just bark and do as they say?

No, I’m not going to forget about the democratically elected rule of law…

I’m not allowed to do the job I’m good at, but I’m supposed to do as my high school dropout mom and uncertified or self-certified (such was the 60s and 70s Dutch culture) father tell me to. I’m also not allowed to report rape, attempts at manslaughter, and more… Why?

Because the people that were supposed to run our system themselves have largely been domesticated, follow orders strictly even though they are in direct opposition of the democratically elected laws, and don’t have the kind of education you really need.

I say, long live freedom and long live democratically elected laws! Democratically elected laws don’t tell you what to do, they allow people in general to be. If you don’t want me to call you a fucking dog, stop acting like one and live a human and humane life.

Published in Murphy on 08/01/2020 01:10 pm.

Updated Politics - Party Program : Representatives not people in power

Everything needs to be geared toward representation and against power…

This includes names, but that isn’t an easy thing to do, because you don’t want people to put themselves in a position of power and neutralize it by using the term “representative” instead of, say, “king.” As such the solution isn’t just one thing, but it consists of many safeguards instead, and that’s difficult.

Published in Politics on 25/12/2019 08:44 pm.

Updated Home : Did I mention my mom’s a high school dropout and underage runaway?

Or did she get kicked out of the house because they couldn’t handle her?

She did testify that as a child she always clenched her fists, which isn’t the friendliest thing you can do and as such people told her not to do that. My father also always told me that I should break with the law.

Oh, what sweet victory he felt when I crossed a 2 yard wide traffic-less street, walking through a red light reflexively when he quickly crossed it and there was no threat of traffic or a sufficiently wide street to hold me back. It’s the one and only time he managed to make me do it… My, my, my, breaking the law, breaking the law.

And why would you pick him up? I only witnessed two attempts at manslaughter and the results of one rape. Who gives a shit, right? No, sticking to the system of law? According to all the degree-less flunkies in charge that’s just crazy. They favor the banality of evil… And as such we live?

Published in Homepage on 19/12/2019 08:44 pm.

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