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Updated Politics - Party Program : Kids need to learn to learn…

For a large part, because they need more time to play!

If learning doesn’t take that long, it becomes more fun, more rewarding, offering kids more security and certainty, allowing them to play and explore more and invest more time in their personal relationships. It will allow them to develop more in a social context. On top of that, since they need less time to learn to do the same job, it’s highly cost efficient. As such, speed learning should be central to elementary school education, and as soon as they have learned to read sufficiently, speed reading also.

Published in Updates on 14/12/2019 02:00 pm.

Updated Politics - Murphy : That bastard Newton, again?

Science equals politics, that’s why fascist governments don’t recognize it : it’s what you have to do…

I bow to that motherfucker. That’s all I have to say on him… And what it says in the updated info on my page… For now, anyway.

Published in Updates on 10/12/2019 10:42 pm.

Updated Art - Music : Added article “Shaping Your Voice”

So, you want to sing? Don’t not do it!

Got a crackle in your voice and dry elbows? Go see an endocrinologist and take care of those thyroid problems first. Other than that, here are a lot of pointers to help your explore problems we face in singing, mostly focusing on shaping the voice, which will help you adapt to different styles of music and tackle those registers even before you do that. Enjoy!

Published in Updates on 10/12/2019 03:00 pm.

Updated Politics - Murphy : “Uh… I don’t see it!” and “Show me the money!”

You have to catch them in the act as a police officer? And the public network unions don’t adhere to our laws?

You have to research everything, but if you believe nothing exists outside of your direct perception, nothing’s there, right? And as soon as I’m gone, I’m also not longer in existence? No, you’re not crazy, nuh-uh, I’m crazy, until you don’t see me anymore and I cease to exist? Whuuut? Or you’re just messing with me? Well, that isn’t exactly legal…

And then there’s the selling drugs, booze, and hookers on national television, that isn’t legal either, is it? If it isn’t, then you don’t satisfy the criteria of a public network union, meaning that you need to pay back everything you feel you deserved to make, being the made man or woman you are. You’re all made men and made women? I say you’ve been had…

Anyway, if you made it, it’s like, what did you make then? Show it to me. I want to see it, touch it, feel it, smell it, taste it…

Published in Updates on 10/12/2019 01:36 pm.

Updated Politics - Murphy : “Yeah… That could be me too.”?

Really? You’re a forensic shrink or a judge that feels that the crook you’re treating or judging might be you?

What’s wrong with you? Well, clearly the same thing that’s wrong with the people you treat or judge. Maybe you should get a different job or is the fact that you mean to get away with it the whole point of you wanting to have that job?

Published in Updates on 03/12/2019 08:36 pm.

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