What can I say? According to the police prosecutor (?) or at least the evidence, I was innocent, so the police officer interviewing me wrote a full “guilty” testimony to cover up I’m not allowed to press charges. I didn’t actually testify to being guilty, because I simply didn’t know anymore: nothing made sense and the world had gone crazy. This resulted in shell-shock, due to which I did sign and would have signed anything.

When you look at my actual medical file, what they suspected were “bizarre” delusions that were either immediately or later on confirmed as based on actual events. Other than that it says literally: “No psychotic symptoms and no delusional symptoms.” During the total of 15 months internal to the psychiatric facility they couldn’t find anything. It says, I was friendly, adequate, and correct in the way I treated patients: that’s anti-antisocial.

They gave me antipsychotics anyway, even though these were the official findings. They told the judges I’m delusional and that I wanted to murder my parents. I was surprised to find out that although they locked me up and implied otherwise, I have been found innocent and sane when you request the summary of the verdict a.k.a. uittreksel aantekening vonnis.

I really said I just wanted to press charges. All research into delusions and querulant behavior indicates two things: I match none of the criteria that match delusional behavior and even if I had, you still need to research everything and try me in bench. Check Grant Lester’s work of Forensicare Australia on Querulant Paranoia.

I freaked out because I wasnt’t allowed to press charges. I’m a witness to two times attempted manslaughter, one time rape. I was the intended victim of three times attempted sexual abuse, but didn’t become a victim. As a witness I want to report a pederast, also animal-porn lover, that currently expands his powerbase thanks to all of this. There’s two times six years worth of stalking. There’s a lawyer without a highschool degree. And that’s for starters.

According to Dutch law and human rights all people have the right and in cases like mine the duty to press charges. In practice, we’re simply not allowed to.