I mean to set up a political party (legal term, not mine) called de Vrije Gelijke Coalitie (the Free Equal Coalition), but I’m not looking to be elected. A lot of problems need to be solved, but I’m not much in favor of debate, more in favor of finding solutions and moving on.

The foundation of the party is equal rights and opportunities for everyone and a more personally liberal interpretation of the Human Rights than even any declaration currently provides, in that I also recognize that the education one gets should be based on personal interests and geared toward fulfilling every dream in terms of employment opportunities these interests provide.

Many people tend to take on jobs they don’t care to do. If you don’t do what you were asked to do, you’re fired, but you do have a right to welfare. I don’t have time to chase after people that don’t want to work. Proper welfare is cheaper than employment, so enjoy life.

I wrote the party program and union rules in Dutch. Download them here. Party issues are up for debate. See also Sophism - Sociology for further deliberations.