What’s the purpose of good design? It’s applicable! If you don’t have an application for anything you design, meaning it isn’t clear where people should use it, then why should they use it in the first place?

I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that not everything I make is for everyone and that you do have to consider others and not just self-expression when it comes to making art. It’s a bit double. At the same time I have to note, that if you don’t care about ór for what you make, others won’t either.

The general rule for a successful design is that you see the use and as such the application, where it can be applied in a broad context.

When it comes to screenwriting for instance, if you want to sell your screenplay, you need to have a twist at the beginning. When you want to break in the whole concept needs to be fresh and original. Once you’ve broken in, you can actually postpone it a little, but no further on up than halfway through.

Other than that you need to have your audience participation going on: the audience needs to have a clear need to watch the movie from beginning to end, without being deterred to watch it. These two rules apply to a successful font design as well, you just need to transpose them to the nature of the application of the font.

I only put out two fonts in the past: Lectori Salutem & Lectori Salutem Sans via MyFonts.COM, but I feel they are first attempts. I’m working on fonts that have a broader application.