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I worked with Paul Young of Literary & Screenplay Consultants from about 2005 to 2010 to learn how to write proper screenplays. He did a great job, but when you check Politics - Legal issues, you’ll find the reason I suffered brain damage: forced medication. I’m constantly working on recuperating, but essentially, years of life and opportunity went down the drain.

In total, before 2011, I wrote between thirty-five and forty screenplays. I’ve also written two books, both of them now self-published using CreateSpace. I hope you learn from my work or simply enjoy it.

I sent one of my newer screenplays that I wrote after I suffered the brain damage to Paul and he did help me reconsider my writing. I needed it, because I understand my writing had become terrible once again. He did a great job and thanks to him I at least understand what it means to do a great job again.

Feel free to download my short stories. I write in both English and Nederlands (Dutch).


  • Æmilius, “Alex” (fiction/psychology), Nederlands (Dutch), written 2012, edited & published 2018. [Paperback, Kindle, Flyer]
  • Æmilius, “9•2•5” (suspense thriller), English, written 2010-2011, published 2015. [Paperback, Kindle, Flyer]

Short stories:

  • Emile M. Hobo, “Countering Clovis” (sci-fi) - English, April 8th, 2019. [Text]
  • Emile M. Hobo, “Neutraal” (gallows comedy monologue) - Nederlands (Dutch), February 24th, 2018. [Text]
  • Emile M. Hobo, “Lijken Zeuren Niet” (crime) - Nederlands (Dutch), February 4th, 2018. [Text]
  • Emile M. Hobo, “Camping” (horror) - Nederlands (Dutch), November 6th, 2017. [Text]
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