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When I turned eighteen and moved out of the house, for my birthday I was to hear the ‘wonderful’ words, “Here! You wanted to learn to make music? Here’s a mouth harp!” And as such I got my first Hohner ‘Marine Band’ and a lesson book. (The book is actually by David Barrett, a man that enjoys teaching so much that it’s even fun to watch lessons you can’t practice yet, due to the sheer enjoyment he gets out of teaching.)

I originally really just wanted to play the piano, with as a far second the guitar. I had asked whether I could repeatedly ever since I could speak and knew of instruments. As you may imagine, as wonderful as the instrument is, I blew it to smithereens quite literally. I was angry. Angry people drum, so I learned to drum.

Now, I really like to play all kinds of instruments. Even though the Dutch educational system doesn’t allow you to pick your own education when your parents don’t support it, I stick to doing creative stuff anyway. I’m analytical, like to figure things out for myself also. I hope my analyses will help you as well.


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